This is installment #3 of “Would You Buy?” and it’s where I literally ask that question. I want to hear what YOU think. Leave a comment below and tell me if you’d buy this. Or tweet me @trendhungryblog. Or, hit me back on Facebook.

It’s a magic wallet from J. Crew. I love the gold (metallic is always on trend), but it also comes in pink with neutral and mint with yellow. It’s thin and perfect for running a few errands or even throwing in your beach bag for when you need to buy ice cream (notice I said need, it is a need). It’s a good price for J. Crew, but is it really worth buying?


Ohh and the magic part is that it closes on both sides by folding. It’s hard to explain, but it is pretty cool. So is it worth buying? You tell me!

Tag: Magic Wallet, $22.50 @ J. Crew

Give me your budget-fashion expertise by commenting below 🙂



That’s boss.


I used to have one of these wallets when I was little! It was such a big thing back then. I would buy it just for nostalgic reasons.


I just bought the leopard one and I love it. If you put a card or money on the inside and switch the way it opens it actually looks like it switches sides. I’ve done that “magic trick” on a few people and they love it. Definitely worth the money. Gorgeous and entertaining.


Thanks for reading and commenting! I like that it’s so thin too! 🙂

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