I am a product junkie. I’m probably not as addicted as beauty bloggers, but it excites me to try new products. Plus, I love to be up on what’s out there. Here’s my new favorite and it’s available at your local drugstore. It’s makeup with lights so you can actually see what you’re doing. Um, best invention ever?!?

 It’s called PH Matchmaker and it does just that. It actually adjusts to match your skin within 60 seconds! Can you believe this is sold at the drugstore?!? Sorry, I’m excited.


Tag: Lip Gloss, $9.95/Blush, $12.95 /Bronzer, $14.95 @ Physicians Formula… and CVS.

Want to see it in action? Here’s my latest TV clip on WBRE where I featured it for the Prom Survival Guide.

Share your thoughts by commenting below. Ohh, and I’ve gotten SO many compliments when wearing the gloss. Thanks for reading!!



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