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 Christmas is only 15 days away. 15! That’s only two weeks to shop for everyone on your list, decorate, plan a fabulous and festive soiree, whip up something holiday themed to eat (I already started baking, and I’m rarely domestic), and on top of that, get your holiday outfits in order.  Okay, let’s calm down and think clearly for a moment.It’s going to be okay. You’re so freaking fabulous and can make it all work, in style. and on a skinny budget. In honor of you, the girl on the go, we’re going to be serving up tons of holiday inspiration.

Instead of one blog post with a typical old, gift guide, we’re getting fancy over here with a few roundups to help inspire you, as well as holiday themed fashion and beauty. Don’t worry girlfriend, we’ve got you covered. So, let’s get celebratory with this wreath of holiday gifts from House of Fraser. House of Fraser is a department store in the UK with a slew of great-quality items. Lots of their selection is available to ship internationally. I love hitting up department stores this time of year. They often offer the best deals and have a broad selection, making shopping for lots of people easy.


Take a good gander at the items on the wreath. Isn’t that star clutch perfect for you to give to your bestie (it comes in more colors!)? Then you can also borrow it. It’s better to give than receive, so gift it first (wink, wink). Okay, but seriously, the holidays are practically here. Keep checking back for more to make you holiday more trendy, and less spendy.




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