Like OMG, whoa! There’s a royal baby on the way. This world news is clearly monumental. So, in honor of a baby on board for William & Kate, I’ve decided to lend my services as a baby stylist. I’m certain Kate will be thrilled that I’m offering my budget-friendly services (your welcome, girlfriend!) so let’s start planning. If it’s a boy… ugh, I hope it’s not a boy. Boy baby clothes are so boring. It’s so limited. Therefore, it won’t be a boy.  The tabloids will be bored with a boy, so let’s just skip boy clothes.

If it’s a girl… okay, now we’re talking!

kate middleton baby

This baby will clearly be the envy of all the babies in the world. Suri Cruise will be sure to take to her blog, criticizing everything about this bundle of perfection. One of my Facebook friends even asked in their status if pregnancy existed before Kate Middleton or if she invented it.  Needless to say, the blog world, TV, radio, Facebook, and even your parents are talking about this major moment. SO, to ease Kate lovely yet stressed mind, here are some super cute baby clothes her little royal will look amazing in… if it’s a girl, fingers crossed!

As for Uncle Harry, watch the thrown!


Tag: Jason Wu NM + Target Girls’ Lace-Trim Dress $59.99 // ROTHSCHILD GIRLS 2-6X ROSETTE PONTE DRESS $98.98 // MAYORAL Houndstooth Sleeveless Dress $51.00

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