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Face it, we all LOVE to express ourselves. Whether its through our clothes, music, or what we create, we all want to be original…and liked…and of course, retweeted ;). Fashion is loved by so many because it’s the most expressive way to say how you’re feeling without really saying anything. Isn’t that why you love it!!! Last week, Trend Hungry had the chance to attend an exclusive finale event for by Stoli that showcased the most original music, art exhibits, and of course, fashion presentations.

Photo c/o Hal Horowitz ORGNLTV

Trend Hungry in NYC is starting to become a normal occurrence but don’t worry, we’re not complaining. Taking place at Studio 450, every guest was greeted and handed Stoli beverages by gorgeous models sporting mini red Stoli dresses and high heels. Totally fab!

The cocktail menu included drinks with names like Stoli O Seduction, Stoli Choco Raz Cake Martini and Stoli Salted Apple. Since I was rockin’ a throwback Sixers Jersey, jeans, heels, a cardi, and ‘paint the town’ red lipstick, sippin’ on yummy Stoli Salted Apple cocktails only seemed appropriate. What’s hot in NYC fashion? Bowties, plaid, sequins, fur vests/coats, combat boots, prints… but none of this will work without confidence and attitude. @NaryManivong presented his collection that was elegant, clean and very Mad Men-esqe. The dresses are perfect for that upcoming company holiday party or for an intimate NYE party.

Trend Hungry Contributor Brooke with Nina Sky at Stoli ORGNL.TV Party

We also loved the art exhibits of @Jeremyville and @CharlieBecker ! What if Jeremyville’s piece  ‘Crystal Street, East Village’ was turned into a crazy jumpsuit for Nicki Minaj and @CharlieBecker interactive sculpture ‘Lasting Impression’ was made into the perfect tutu dress for Katy Perry!!! These ladies’ style is so unique and out of the box that these ideas don’t seem that left field! Click here to check out photos from the winners on our Facebook page!

Nina Sky. Photo c/o Jonene Taddei Photography:ORGNLTV

To end the night right, Nina Sky took the stage and rocked out a bunch of old favs and some new goodies!! If a winner had to be elected for the most originality, the Trend Hungry trophy would go to Nina Sky!! Think back a couple years ago to their ‘Move Your Body’ and ‘Oye Mi Canto’ days…yikes.These ladies’ style has definitely evolved tremendously! With the edgiest hairstyles, fierce make-up, and amazing style, nothing about their new look or music disappoints.

With great art and cocktails, fantastic music and our favorite- fabulous fashion, the event was a complete success. Now you know what trends are hot in NYC!! What trends are you seeing in your city? Comment below and let us know.

For more info about Stoli and to see more pics from the event, go to or check out @Stoli on Twitter/Instagram with the #ORGNLTV Hashtag.

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