Ever wonder what a blogger totes around?  Chaucee, the creative behind popular Philly blog Streets and Stripes gave us a peek inside her mobile office. Her work moves with her, as she’s always snapping style pics and covering fabulous Philly events. And if you haven’t heard of Streets & Stripes, take a look! You’ll see Philly through her lens. – Jessie

1. iPhone – The Blogger’s Dream Phone. This guy doesn’t go without me anywhere. It’s how I check my email, play Pandora, check Twitter, and waste time on Instagram. #MacForLife!
2. On Writing Well – I always bring reading material because I never know when I’ll get a minute to myself! Currently reading this book on improving writing skills.
3. Mini Moleskin – For all those random ideas that come at the most inconvenient times!
4. Wallet – This bad boy as a gift from a friend. It has so many inside organizers that I’ll never go back to a smaller wallet! Also is great in self-defense.
5. Lip Gloss – I always keep either chapstick or lipgloss on hand at all times, especially during the winter! I love soft pink shades for a natural look.
6. Reading Glasses – Well….for the book!
7. My Camera – Okay, well that’s not actually my camera in the picture (as I was using it to take the photo) but I always keep my handy Canon 7d on hand to document life in the city!

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