Sephora is a mecca of amazement. They manage to always have what I’m looking for and they’ve got a trend I can’t get enough of. Feathers!

Not just jewelry, but hair extensions. If you haven’t heard of this yet then dive right in. It’s haute in LA and has made it into magazines, blogs, and now Sephora! Say buh-bye to a salon price and DIY it. Scroll for the details!

Trend: Feather Hair Extensions

Hungry: User-friendly At-Home Solution

Tag: Feather Hair Accents, $25.00 at Sephora.

Take Note: Comes in four different color kits.

This kit is perfect for the indecisive trend-hungry gal (I can’t even commit to a candy bar at the grocery store). Unlike most feather extensions, these clip in and are not sewn in. So if you’re feeling feathery clip ’em in. And if your job isn’t really feather friendly then save them for later.




thank you for posting these! I have been wanting to try out the feather hair trend for a while but am not able to get them sewn in because of work and student teaching but will hopefully get to pick these up soon for nights out 🙂


Happy you like. I can never make up my mind so this is the perfect fix. xo


nice invension,but will it give any harm to real hairs.
Sarah Hair Extensions offers High quality Remy clip in hair extensions that will transform your hair in minutes. All of our clip in hair extensions are thick so you can have a fuller look.
Hair extensions

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