I recently loved a young fashion-forward female’s bracelets only to find out they were boutique finds and not much info was offered up. I was distraught … then I went to Target. Yeah, I just said Target. And both of the fabulous leather bracelets with metal accents were there and for $30.00 to snag the two combined.

Wow! I totally thought these were unique-boutique finds, but they’re from cheap and def don’t look it!! Sorry, I’m really pumped about this!

Trend: Boutique-Style Leather Bracelets

Hungry: Two that fit a skinny budget… duh!

Tag: Leather Bracelet with Gold Links, $14.99 at Target.

Take Note: Comes in black, white, navy, and cognac. Sold out online, but my store had a nice selection.

Bracelet numero dos. I loved this on the girl I met, but on my wrist is was a little overwhelming.  If your wrists are tiny opt for the bracelet above solo.

Tag: Leather Bracelet with Oval Grommets, $14.99 at Target.

Take Note: Sold out online, so check your local Target.

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