I’m loving color blocking, but it’s hard to explain sometimes. Do you do all brights, all lights, or mix? You can do all three, but designers are making it easier and selling pieces that are already color blocked.

Color blocking for dummies is the name of this post, because you can get the look with no thought at all! You don’t need a celeb stylist to rock this trend that’s been made popular by Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian, and J.Lo.

And here you have it, the color-blocked dress. Throw it on and you’re done. It’s got the same color combo as Stephanie Pratt and her nude accessories go perfectly.

Tag: Sofia Vergara Color-Block Dress, $29.99 at KMart.

Another easy way to rock the trend is with color-block bling. Here are finds for your skinny budget —> Color-Block Bling. Pair with jeans and a tee to instantly rev up your outfit.

I’ll be blogging about color-block shoes soon, so check back. Ohh and tell me what you think by leaving a comment below!!


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