You’ve seen the Pinterest pictures, the celeb Instagrams, and all over the runway. Now the nail art trend is as easy as ever to master at home! We’ve found 5 easy-to-use tools to help you master your favorite styles or create your own original designs.

nail art made easy

1. NYX Black Lacquer with Opal Pearls, $10

A way to class up any outfit? Add pearls! Now the same can go for your manis. This NYX kit comes with black polish and opal pearls to easily add embellishment and flair. Don’t worry about making a mess, thankfully the smart people at NYX added a mini funnel to the kit so you can easily direct the pearls to your nails and not all over the table.

2. Revlon Nail Art Expressionist Nail Enamel, $6.65-$7.99

This polish duo comes with a base shade on one end and skinny nail art brush on the other. Available in 10 fun color combinations for the ultimate free expression. Have fun and experiment with writing words, or drawing pictures instead of sticking with dots or lines, you may find you may be the next Van Gogh! (of nail art, that is).

3. Kiss Nail Artist Paint and Stencil Kit, $6.99


Definitely the kit that I need. Stencils save even the shakiest of hands (like me), so you know your designs will come out looking professional and flawless every time!

4. Sally Hansen Nail Art Pens, $7.49-$7.99

These amazing pens have super skinny tips, so creating your own unique designs is practically foolproof! From stripes, to chevron, to polka dots, with 18 different colors to choose from, the possibilities are endless.

5. Kiss Ombre Gradation Kit, $6.97

nail polish: Kiss Gradation Kit

This kit comes with a trio of monochromatic polishes enhanced with a special formula which helps the colors blend to create the perfect ombre look. The top coat adds additional sparkle, so if you prefer a matted look, just go for colors 1 and 2 and skip the last. Offered in colors of black, gold, pink, and blue. (We tested out the pink  – take a look!)

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