Hello darling! I’m embracing my inner princess (not a stretch) and am remixing my Forever 21 maxi dress for a holiday look that’s girly, glam, and reminiscent of playing dress up. This outfit makes me feel like I just pulled out some play clothes from a toy chest. I mean, what little girl wouldn’t want a tulle skirt, pearls, and a beanie in the mix with some plastic Barbie heels? Okay, maybe the beanie is a stretch, but it’s clear I embrace my playful side when dressing. philadelphia stylist

Haven’t you heard? Style should be fun. People always ask me how I decide what to wear, and the truth is that I go with my gut. Yes, there are some rules to fashion (like don’t wear skin-tight everything, and cover your butt in leggings) but when it come to accessorizing I wear what feels right. And that’s how this outfit was born. Now let’s skip to the details.  budget fashion blogger

hat: my boyfriend’s //pearls: vintage (belonged to boyfriend’s yaya) // skirt: Lauren Conrad LC tulle maxi skirt $64 $44.80 (c/o) Kohls // fur collar: taken off my Jennifer lopez lurex cable-knit sweatercoat $125 $87.50 (c/o) Kohls


DARE TO WEAR: a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three weeks in a row. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Each month a new item is featured and will be styled three ways over three weeks. Photos by Audrey Gallagher.



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