Forget Valentine’s Day and remember Galentine’s Day. It’s the fictional holiday created by Amy Poehler’s character on Parks & Recreation and it’s a day to celebrate your gals. Here’s a gift idea the ladies in your life will LOVE. The tutorial linked was found via Pinterest and created by graphic designer/mommy blogger Rae Ann Kelly, but I originally got the idea over the holiday when my friend stayed with me and had a set of hand warmers that someone DIYed for her – so thoughtful!

People go nuts for DIY gifts, especially when they’re awesome and these are. They don’t stay warm quite as long as a purchased heat pack but do the trick and cost little money and time to create. They’re great cold AMs on the commute or chilly PMs on the couch.


Click for DIY Hand Warmer Tutorial

Oh, and the lovely blogger that crafted this DIY also includes a printable card so your gift will look extra legit. This makes me so grateful for Pinterest, bloggers, and the internet in general.

Would you gift it? Comment below and share your stylish perspective.





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Love this DIY! I would totally gift these with some cute gloves/mittens to match.

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