I love my iphone so freakin’ much. I know, it’s just a phone, but it’s more than that. It’s my lifeline. I store my ideas, connect with the world, and now, it keeps me extremely organized too – just went to the genius bar and my calendar & icloud are totally in sync. Ahh, it feels so good to get shit done (in the words of Meg from Mimi & Meg).

As I was at my tech mecca (Apple Store) I took a gander and their fab cases, and realized, it’s about darn time to get a new case. It’s one accessory you take EVERYWHERE, so maybe I’ll opt for designer. Chech ’em out. They’re all under $50 and you’ll get a lot of wear out of it ( I use my phone way more often than a purse).


1. $16 on Etsy / 2. Rebecca Minkoff $48 @ Nordstrom / 3. Marc by Marc Jacobs $38 @ Bloomingdales / 4. Rebecca Minkoff $38.00 @ Neiman Marcus / 5. Lilly Pulitzer $26 @ Lifeguard Press / 6. Case-Mate $38 @ Nordstrom .


I’ve been taking a lot of inspiration from other blogs and realized the main thing Trend Hungry is lacking is in the image department.  So, I’m working on getting better at graphics and used Polyvore to craft this. If you love it, hate it, or have any suggestions let me know. Comment below or tweet me @trendhungryblog. Ohh, and tell me which case I should wrap my baby (iphone) in. I’m leaning towards #6.

Thanks for reading!! Come again soon!




I love the last two! I might just have to get that Lily Pulitzer one! Thanks for sharing!

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