Hey Budget Beauties! I’m pretty excited and if you follow me on Twitter & Facebook, then you probably know why. I was quoted (and Trend Hungry was mentioned too!) in The Wall Street Journal!!

I left a comment on Refinery 29 in regards to Coach going back to the basics with their new designs (quality leather bags sans the logos). Turns out the style columnist liked my comment and wanted to hear more. After a fabulous chat ( I was literally shaking during the phone call) I ended up in the story.

vintage coach bags

Brown Handbag $39 / Little Black Handbag $30 / Black Crossbody $48 / Cognac Purse $15 / White Shoulder Bag $30.

The article mentions that I found my Coach bag ( see it here, outfit #3) at a consignment shop for only $14 (I know, crazy!!) and now I want to share other vintage Coach bags that also fit a skinny budget. All the babies above are from Etsy, one of my favorite places for vintage online. It goes to show, everything comes back in style.

Do you own a Coach bag? Is it covered in logos or more like the retro designs? Comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

Stay Stylish! Xo!




OH my gosh, congrats!! That’s so amazing and TOTALLY agree with you about Coach moving away from the C’s. Blech.


That is awesome! Congratulations! Coach designs always reminded me too much Gucci so I never was a huge fan but I’m loving the retro look. Good eye!

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