This past season peplums took over – period. Charlize Theron showed us just how fabulous they are and we’re simply not sick of this trend. Don’t think the peplum (an overskirt typically starting at the waist) is only for the stars on the red carpet. It’s also for us worker bees just trying to stand out in our cubicles while not freezing to death from the central air conditioning. Even though Kate Middleton is a princess, she’s relatable (repeats outfits like the rest of us) and her pretty peplum is chic, keeps her warm, and shows off her skinny waist even is cool months.


Here’s a slew of peplums you can wear to work, rework for play, and can be mixed with jeans, a skirt, or dress pants. Oh, and of course, they’re trendy, not spendy! 

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