True story! I was really craving a collar – a cool embellished collar that really draws attention. I’m starting to become obsessed with this trend and found nice sparkly one at JCPenney for only about $30, then half the stones fell out – not cool. Luckily, JCP is awesome with returns, but now I’m hungry for a another collared necklace. Plus, Demi Lovato wore one with a highlighter dress on Conan the other night and it looked freakin’ amazeballs – legit! (her dress was under $100, btw!! Only in black though.)


Demi has really stepped up her style and she looked so good with that collared necklace. Demi has really been workin’ it – go Demi’s stylist! Okay, enough about Demi. Let’s get to the good stuff. Here’s a whole slew of collared necklaces for a skinny budget. Check them out and comment with what one you’re hungry for. Plus, I could really use some help narrowing down my shopping list 😉



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