Happy New Year!!  2011 was a big year for Trend Hungry and hopefully 2012 will be even bigger and better. But to do so, I gotta gear up. Here are my fashion resolutions. Wish me luck & share yours by leaving a comment!

1. I will no longer buy something and say I’ll get it hemmed, but instead keep using fabric tape.

2. I will keep my closet sorted by color for more than a week and keep the closet clean, unlike the typical look pictured above.

3. I will stop wearing leggings as pants – to be fair, I always wear very long shirts with them.

4. I will fold laundry the same day it was washed.

5. I will stop using my purse as a garbage can.

Leave a comment below!!

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I like the leggings with a long shirt look. And I also need to stop using my purse as a garbage bag.

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