Two items I currently don’t own –  a cape and a military jacket. I look at them quite often, but even a cheap cape ain’t cheap and no military jacket has swayed me enough to buy.

Two trends that my wardrobe has seriously been missing are now in one item and I’m pretty happy with the price.

Tag: Attention Women’s Wool Military Cape, Was $79.99, Now $31.99 at KMart.

I’d like to take a moment to thank KMart and the other big-box stores. In the past year they’ve become way more stylish and my skinny budget appreciates it greatly.


Ohh, and did you notice the hood? SOLD!



I’m still on a mission to find a cape:) Good find!


I absolutely love this cape. It’s now on my list–though I bought (at discount prices) a leather coat, a faux fur coat, was given jackets–so don’t really need one… but I want this!!!!! I did used to own an authentic French Military cape coat that I bought at The Emporium in downtown Jim Thorpe.

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