I am by no means a fitness expert, but my friend MizzFit is and she helped me find a few of these products I’ll be chatting about on WBRE’s PA Live!at 4pm.

Goody DoubleWear Hair Accessory, $4.99 at Target.

Camibands, $24.99 at Camibands.com.

SilverSport Yoga Mat, $39.95 at EcoProductGroup.com.

I-cvrd iPod Nano Wrist Strap, $15.99 at Icvrd.com.

Fila Skele-Toes Amp, $75.00 at  Modell’s Sporting Goods.

Good luck on those workout resolutions. At least you’ll be the cutest one at the gym!



I’m looking for the cami bands, how can i get them? How much do they go for?


Sorry! Here’s the link — http://camibands.com/


Hi Jessie,
Love the Nano bracelets. the link does not go though. I’s like to buy for my workout 🙂

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