Fur – so on trend. The real deal? So pricey and PETA disapproved. The alternative … faux or vintage.

Faux is totally acceptable, actually more accepted. A Rachel Zoe type of vest is boho, and a glam girl can opt for a fur coat.

A faux can still run you major cash if you’re not smart, but here’s an option that won’t break the skinny bank.

Tag: Faux Fur Jacket, $49.80 at Forever 21.

P.S. Celebs like Nicole Richie, Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen, Rihanna … and the super stylish SJP love this trend and sport it on the regular … just sayin’.

But if you want a totally unique fur that also happens to be the real deal, go vintage. It’s already been made, so no animal recently was killed to make the product. Plus vintage pieces are unique and worth so much more than you may pay.

I snagged one from my grandma’s closet, one from one of my mom’s coworkers that was throwing it away, and my most recent was from a little thrift store.  Originally $35. It fits like a glove and they cut the price down to $25 after I complained about the inside being ripped. Negotiation is accepted!



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