Hi Trend Hungry Fashionistas!!

Today I’ll be on WBRE’s PA Live! for “Trend Hungry Tuesday” talking healthy beauty.

Todra from HealthyBeautyProject.com opened my eyes about healthy brands that are actually affordable! Watch today at 4pm for the 411.

Tag: Chocolate Sugar Scrub, $10.00 at Sugared Beauty.

If you want to join the movement download the Healthy Beauty Social app, where you can type in the first four letters of ingredients when shopping and instantly find out if it’s Healthy Beauty approved.

P.S. It’s also “Trend Hungry Tuesday” on The Ralphie Radio Show. Tonight we’re chatting about faux fur verses the real thing. Plus I know how to get the real thing on a skinny budget.

Thanks for the support!!

XO, Jessie



Hi Jessie! This is Sarah from Sugared Beauty. Thank you for mentioning my Chocolate Cake sugar scrub! If you or any of your readers have any questions about my products, feel free to email me at Sarah@SugaredBeauty.com. Have a very happy holiday season, and thanks again for mentioning Sugared Beauty on “Trend Hungry Tuesday”! Yay!


Love the scrub!!! Great products and glad you checked it out!!


I was hoping to link to this episode on my site, but it seems to be taken down on their site. Can I see the episode someplace else?


Let me talk to the station and see what I can do.

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