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April is quickly winding down, and before you know it, it’s going to be summer. That means it’s time for swimsuit season preparation – eating well, working out, moisturizing, sunless tanning, and more. But one thing we often neglect when getting ready for summer is our faces! Of course, we should always wear sunscreen, but don’t forget about that dull winter skin. It’s time to glow and there are tons of ways give your skin radiance on a budget.

First, as I already noted, sunscreen is a must-have, every day. It protects us from wrinkles, sunspots, and more. Most moisturizers these days have an SPF 15 or higher built right in. Next, and as we all probably know already, it’s important to establish a cleansing routine that fits your skin type. Some people will benefit from twice-daily scrubs with acne-fighting washes, while others with sensitive skin need to be a little more careful and gentle.

No matter what your skin type, exfoliation is the key to removing dead, dry skin and revealing glowing skin underneath. You can buy exfoliating scrubs, but to really do the trick, you might want to try microdermabrasion, which sloughs off the outermost layer of skin. Until recently, this was a treatment that was reserved for spas and salons, but you can now get great microdermabrasion at home products online. I’ve found some really great kits, masques, and more at ShopNBC – if you’re interested, take a look around! It’s important to know your skin and educate yourself before embarking on a microdermabrasion at home routine though. People with sensitive skin should be especially careful to not use it too often.

Some of the kits come with instructional DVDs to ensure you’re performing the process properly, so it’s a cinch to get glowing.

 How do you prep your skin for summer? Have you tried microdermabrasion?

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