Touring Singer/Songwriter Julia Price is pretty freakin’ amazeballs … yeah, I said amazeballs. She’s been on “Good Morning America,” has Sara Bareilles (sry Sara!) shitting herself and also has really good fashion taste that just happens to fit a skinny budget. I’m smitten. Read her blog post below and check out her music. You, too will be smitten.

I love really girly clothes like what I’m wearing in the piano shot of the “Girlfriend” music video. That’s why summer is my favorite season — dresses, jumpers, and patterned shorts! YES! Once the weather gets colder I usually bury myself in an oversized sweater, skinny jeans and some rockin’ boots!
I rarely spend over $50.00 on any clothing item unless I absolutely LOVE something! And by love, I don’t mean, “Oh this is cute,” I mean “I CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS!” I just feel like for every big designer getup you can get practically the same look for a smidgen of that price if you don’t mind doing the legwork.
I also tend to repeat my tops but I switch up the look by changing accessories or shoes. I’m big into big necklaces and some of my favorite ones cost me $7 at Forever21.
The one area I do allow for more spending flexibility is footwear, but that being said, I still can’t believe the STEAL I got for the shoes that I’m currently obsessed with my Betsey Johnson Tammiee flats. They sum up my style in a nutshell.
Tag: Betsey Johnson Tammiee Flats, Was $79.95, Now $63.96 at Zappos.
Take Note: Come in pink with polka dots too!
To me, it’s always all about the shoes!

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LOVE LOVEEE the brown/leopard style flats!!

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