Good thing the blog is not a human. I forgot about my baby’s birthday. Yes, this blog is like a baby to me, that I love, nurture to grow, but sometimes don’t pay as much attention to as I’d like.

The 12th was little Trend Hungry‘s Birthday!! But, we’re celebrating today. A lot has happened in a year. When I started this site I was newly out of college and was hustling applying for jobs that didn’t really interest me. After many interviews and working for free, I knew I had to stop procrastinating and make it work. In one afternoon Trend Hungry was born. It was one of the best things I’ve ever done and has helped me get on the career path I wanted, but didn’t know how to get started.

Most of the entries are trend driven and on a skinny budget, the premise of the site. This entry is more of a blog from the editor (even though almost all the entries are from me too).

Trend Hungry‘s Accomplishments – a weekly segment in Wired 96.5, regular fashion contributer on NBC10’s The 10! Show, a weekly tv segment of PA Live called Trend Hungry Tuesday, and a weekly syndicated radio segment airing on The Ralphie Radio Show also titled Trend Hungry Tuesday!

Thanks so much to my loyal readers! It’s so meaningful to see that people actually read my writings … the fashion 411 on a skinny budget.

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XO, Jessie

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Love all your commentary. Hope Trend Hungry is around for a long time to give us good advice!

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