For real, I LOVE Guiliana Rancic. So does every other female my age, but I feel she and I have a special connection. Maybe it’s because I Google her often to figure out how she became so fabulous and I messaged her old assistant Matt on Facebook and he wrote me back. I am such a loser, but I love E! & G. Whatever, I like to think one day we’ll be friends and she’ll insist I call her G.

As you probably already know, our girl G announced last week she has stage 1 breast cancer. She already had surgery and will be back to work tonight. Talk about a trooper and a work-a-holic. To celebrate Guiliana let’s emulate her style on a skinny budget.

Tag: Sunup One Shoulder Jungle Green Dress, $41.oo at Lulu*s.

Belt it and you’ll look just like G!! I hope she doesn’t mind I already started calling her G.

Don’t forget to watch her tonight on E! News and to read more about her head to E! Online.

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