Got a drab outfit you’re required to wear for work? One of readers is in that predicament. She works at a day care and has to wear a polo that’s ill-fitting. It’s hard to have a good day when you don’t feel like you look good.

The quick fix? Accessories!!

Jewelry is the one of the easiest ways, but what I’m thinking are hair products. Headbands! They’re functional, cute, and cheap.

Tag: Double Braided Headband, $3.80 at Forever 21.

Tag: Decree Turquoise Feather Headband, Was $15.00, Now $9.99 at JCPenney.

Tag: Shiny Beaded Bow Headband, $7.90  at Love Culture.

Makeup is another cool way to up your style. Try a bright lip or a cat eye. These are both super simple, affordable, but will distract from your dreadful required outfit.

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