Hi there! Jessie here. Today’s blog post is a little different than the norm. I usually blog about trends on a skinny budget, but today I wanted to catch you on me, the blog, and well, the journey I’m on thanks to Trend Hungry. A lot more went into it besides blogging, but I owe this baby my life, and I can’t even believe how much I love the blog and my readers!

So here’s what I’ve been up to.

1. Auditioning. As a little kid I dreamt of trying to make it and having to go on auditions (seriously!). I would pretend this as a kid and now I actually get to. I just had two auditions for hosting gigs. What I love even more is that even if I wasn’t pursuing this I’d watch these shows. My fingers are crossed and I’m honestly just honored to even got to audition.

2. I won a blogging gig! I’m now Simon Mall’s King of Prussia Style Setter. For the next six months I’ll be blogging for The King of Prussia Mall. I’ll be scoping out the sales, talking trends, and have a legitimate excuse to go to the mall. No complaints here.

Better TV Segment (Lto R): Emily, Kristen, Brooke, Jessie (me!), Kate

3. I’m national, baby! My first national TV segment filmed this past Wednesday in NYC for Better TV. It took close to four hours to get there (should only take 2!) and I ran the last ten blocks with bags of shoes in hand (traffic at a standstill!) to avoid being any later. Rough start, but taping went great and I hope to be booked again. I will definitely remember this for the rest of my life.

4. I’m a biz woman. I can’t believe I’m even typing this, but I am and I need to be. In this day and age you can’t just be the talent. You gotta wear all the hats (even the not-so-stylish ones) and get sh*t done. As Lucile Ball said “Want something done, ask a busy person.” This site is turning into more of a full-time thing – writing, managing contributors, getting sponsors, booking and planning TV segments. It’s my passion and it’s starting to become all I do. Let’s pray that it continues!

Well, those are all the main things. Other than that, I’m going to a blogging workshop soon, have a few entrepreneurial books on my to-read list, and am pretty obsessed with Wegmans (we just got one and they have the best eggrolls!).

Thanks for reading!



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