By Morgan

Sometimes we care about who the girl behind the shades is, but most of the time, WE JUST CARE ABOUT THE SHADES!  The most essential accessory for any time of year, are of course sunglasses.  But it’s not just any time of year, it’s the summer!

Show the summer sun how pretty your shades can be by rocking colored sunglasses!  Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry not only look adorable in their colored sunglasses, but fun, trendy, and kind of daring. Throw them on to add that perfect splash of color to any outfit!


Jessica Alba Image Via The Shady Side

They come in all kinds of shapes and colors. So, what pair suits your style? All the items below are under $25 and my favorite pair (similar to Alba’s) is under $2.50! Scroll though. Check ’em out. Comment below!



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