Celebrities, runway models, and even we commoners have gotten into nail art  – I mean, have you seen all the manicure & nail art kits at the drugstore? Whelp, turns out nail art is so 2013. The trend that Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, and Lady GaGa brought to the masses has spread to the fingers. Yeah,  it’s time to take it further  – decorating your fingers is the new DO.

Perhaps, Lorde sparked the finger-art trend? Her dip-dyed fingers acted as an accessory during her performance at the 56th Grammy Awards. MTV Style reports that the models’ fingers looked awfully similar at the Creatures of Comfort New York Fashion Week presentation. rad-nails-beyond-cuticle-art-1

How to wear the trend

Midi rings accent a manicure nicely, or check out cuticle tattoos – it’s a prettier alternative to dying your fingers. These temporary tattoos are made in the USA (yay US team at the Winter Olympics!) and can be applied to your skin or nails. In fact, their site shows that it looks really awesome when you apply some to skin and some to nails.


Rad Nails cuticle tattoos cost $6 and come with 14 tattoos per strip, just in case ya mess up.

So will you stretch them out so you can get more wear or pile on the tats? Share your opinion of this trend in the comments below.  

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