Ever since I was a little girl I’ve worshipped glossy pages. It started as a wanting to be like my mom so I’d flip through Family Circle and say what pictures I liked. As I turned into a middle schooler I would flip to the back of Teen Magazine to read the “Most Mortifying Moments” with my friends in the school’s library. Then I started reading for the love of the witty writing and and ended up landing an internship at Philadelphia Magazine my senior year of college.


Seeing as I’m quite fond of magazines, collaborating with Philly Current on their fall fashion issue was a dream come true. Once they asked for me to be a guest contributor they then gave me the reigns to work my budget-fashion magic. So I picked four of the hottest trends for fall and 2013 and created looks on a budget, of course! Unlike when I style for TV, this time the model I was dressing was me, which made it way easier for sizing.


Shout out to Linda J. Marcy on hair & makeup & Chaucee for her photography skills!

Check me out this month’s style issue!!

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