Whether you’re staying put this summer or flying away to a beautiful Mediterranean resort (bring me!!), we’ve got tips for how you can look and feel your best on the beach.

summer style 2013


Remove unwanted hair before baring skin. Not all of us want to drop money on waxing and at-home kits can be intimidating, but a razor never fails, just don’t skimp on the shave cream.

Our pick: Smallflower Cremo Cream, $8.00.

Faux Glow

Get your glow on , girrrrl! Spray or use a lotion, not a tanning bed. Here’s a whole guide to getting the faux glow on your own, but if you want to go the professional route here’s 11 tips you need to know before you spray tan.

summer style 2013

Dress to Impress

You might be relaxing on the beach, but that doesn’t mean you have to compromise your sense of style. In fact, if you want to sizzle on the sand this summer, you’ll have to do more than just kick back with messy bun and old flip flops.

Swap out your flip flops for a pair of trendy espadrilles or wedges when you’re ready for a beachside dinner date. That way you’re still looking beachy keen, but like you put in some effort.


Whatever you’re wearing, whether it’s just a bikini and a sarong or a complete beach outfit, a few simple accessories will make up the style anti. From beach bags to hats and necklaces or even henna tattoos, your beach look isn’t complete without a few finishing touches.

If you want to get that ‘I’m famous’ look, wear a pair of oversized shades and a floppy fedora or for surfer chick, add a cute shell necklace or even a (fishtail braid – directions here) and some flowers to your hair.

summer style 2013


The salty sea and harsh UV rays can wreak havoc with your skin and hair, so it’s important to moisturize as much as possible before you and after your beach jaunt. Prepare your body for the summer sun by using an intensive conditioner after washing your hair or try a hair oil after a dip in the pool. Take care of your skin with a suitable factor sunscreen and a generous helping of after sun.

Our pick: Suave’s Moroccan Styling Oil, $7.00.

What’s you secret to looking fab on the beach? Comment below!

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