Hey babes! Ugh, I am so EXCITED to be heading out to LA!!! I normally try not to overuse the exclamation point since more serious journalists already judge bloggers enough as it is (I did go to school for this stuff and landed my first job writing for a newspaper when I was 16), but today I am really, really excited and feel like using a few exclamation points to really get the point across!

So, I’m off to LA to visit friends, have fun, get some inspiration, and meet up with some cool people. While I’m there you can follow along on Instagram (follow me on Instagram @JessieHoleva) and read the blog since I’ll have some posts scheduled for your enjoyment, and plan on tweet.

My checklist

– relax

-have fun

-stress less

-enjoy the company of friends

Because sometimes a checklist should be that simple! But seriously, I’ll still check emails (I can’t not), plan on Instagramming a ton, blogging a bit, and will also allow myself to be carefree.  So, since I’m flying out tonight I thought let’s sign off from blogging in PA with a quick catch up of what I’ve been up to. Ready?


Another Birthday! It was my birthday this month! I’m 26 and celebrated in faux fur and big sunnies.  Can ya blame me?

Girl Time. My LA babe, Kristen, who I’ll be staying with, was in town last week so we brunched, thrifted, shared a cronut, and caught up. I need more days like this!


Photoshoot Fun.  Rags & Thread is a cool Philadelphia-based brand and I ‘m in their Kickstarter campaign, which will be live soon. Stay tuned!! I’ve also been doing more outfit posts for the Dare to Wear series here on Trend Hungry and will be posting more pics soon and also will be snapping some while in LA!


Styling & Segments. I’m the Wardrobe Stylist for Celebrity Corner & love sharing my trendy tips and tricks on the show. I get to style the host Dorothy and also talk  trends with her and her audience.  A few weeks back I came on the show to talk celebs accessories and I’ll be back on when I get back from LA. Watch on April 10th!!

Hmm… other than that I’ve been busy styling personal shopping clients at King of Prussia Mall, hosted Main Line Fashion Week, am working with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to raise money and awareness (more details on this soon!), have been collaborating with a hosiery brand I love called Silkies, and have a top secret business venture that’s launching soon so stay tuned. Ahh! When I look back I realize just how busy I really am. Good thing it’s stuff I love to do.

Posing for a Main Line Fashion Week pic with my boo.



That time I took over @KOP_Mall’s Instagram for the first day of spring. Radiant orchid makeup is hot, hawt, haute!


Clearly, I’m a little tired, and a lot busy, but good busy so no complaints here. Want to catch up with me? You can shop with me at King of Prussia Mall (your first 2 hours are free!!), meet me at the Philly Blog Love Tech Week event on April 9th, and subscribe to my email list to you’ll  get updates on what events I’m involved.  Just add your info to the box on the right and you’ll be in the Trend Hungry loop.

Hope all is well with you! I know this post is a little “Me” heavy, but it’s a catch up  of what I’ve been up to and I know I don’t give much of a peek behind the blogging curtain and intend on doing more of that. A lot of the tweets and emails I get are about breaking into the blogging or styling biz so I plan on adding more of that to the blog and about my experiences so hopefully you can learn and also be inspired to chase your dreams. So I leave with a little quote. Pin it, share it, and leave a comment if you feel inclined.


For more inspiration check out my Quotes Pinterest Board.








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That’s such an inspiring quote :). Hope you have a blast in LA!

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