Trashy goes trendy! Celebrities go eco-chic for Earth month and instead of buying new styles they’re dumpster diving to find new fashions.   Some of our favorite famous fashionistas are up -cycling the garbage they find and turning it into style statements.  Katy Perry and Rihanna have been rocking tin foil as jewelry. Miley Cyrus is a fan of Chinese takeout containers as handbags, and Lindsay Lohan pretty much only wears garbage.


Why Try

Digging through the trash is a hit style trend for a few reasons.

1. Good for the environment, as we’re wasting less.

2. Ultra affordable. It takes absolutely no cash to try this trend.

3. Unique pieces. No need to worry about someone rocking the same style. Dumpster diving offers variety and allows your imagination to play stylist.

Dumpster Diving Tips

1. Hit up the rich neighborhoods. Better neighborhood mean better loot.

2. Don’t forget about recycling bins. There’s less to dig through and many people rinse off items before recycling.

So will you look at garbage a whole new way, or are you already a garbage picker with a penchant for turning trash into treasure?

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