Hey babes! I’m back from LA and back to a normal blogging schedule thanks to sleeping the last twenty hours straight.  Lots of exciting posts coming up, pictures to share from my trip, and now, let me tell you all about something cool I got to work on that is also this week’s Steal of the Week!

I teamed up with the Philadelphia-based brand you may already be familiar with, RAGs & Thread. They’re known for cool tee shirts that are made in the USA and then customized by the owner himself, Ryan Gagliardi. Whelp, they’re embarking on launching a custom denim component to their brand, where you’ll visit their online denim shop and will be met with options so that you can choose designs and details that speak to you and really create the jeans of your dreams.


Jeans are so tough to shop for. As a fashion stylist I hear clients of all shapes, sizes, styles, and ages battle with finding jeans they love. I have a tough time with this too. So when  RAGs & Thread asked me to design a pair I was all for it! Testing out this service first was really cool. You’re able to pick the wash, patchwork, rips, paint splatters, dye details, pretty much whatever you want.


Now, you know I’m not really a fan of dropping major money on fashion, and I don’t like to recommend anything too pricy as Trend Hungry is all about living life in abundance. So, believe me when I say that customizing your jeans is way more affordable than you’d think. You can order a custom pair via their Kickstarter campaign for a $90 pledge. Designer jeans made in the USA are never under $100.

Take note: you’re technically not buying, but pledging. Money doesn’t leave your hands until the goal is met. So no product and also no risk if goal isn’t met.


Okay, back to the positive energy and fabulous fashion. Have you ever dreamt of designing your dream jeans?  What would they look like? Do tell in the comments below.

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