Friday the 13th sure isn’t bad luck anymore,  at least for this month. Why? It’s International Chocolate Day! Just another reason why Friday is the sweetest day of the week (excuse the bad pun).

To celebrate, I’ve gathered my tried and true chocolate beauty products (yes, they exist, and with all the indulgence of chocolate decadence without costing you one calorie).


1. Chocomania Collection

My absolute faaaavorite collection from the Body Shop: Chocomania. The name pretty much speaks for itself. All chocolate everything, from body butters and scrubs, to lotions and body washes, this collection has it all. My personal favorite is the Chocomania body lotion. I apply right before bed, the scent is warm and cozy, and not at all overbearing.

Picture 9

Is it just me or is the label making you drool too?

Tag: Chocomania Body Lotion, $6.00.

2. Lush Chocolate Whipstick

The name alone has me hungry. I love this little pot of miracle balm, infused with vanilla, chocolate, oats and almond oil. This is about as close as you’ll come to chocolate indulgence without actually eating it! Handmade at Lush Cosmetics.

Picture 10


Tag: Lush Chocolate Whipstick, $7.00.

3. Demeter Chocolate Covered Cherries Body Spray

Not only can you smell sweet and yummy all day long, way past International Chocolate Day, but you can get this delicious scent in many different forms. Go all out and get the body spray, perfume oil, body lotion, shower gel, and even a diffuser oil so your room can smell like chocolate-y goodness 24/7! Perfect for chocolate fiends like myself.



Tag: Demeter Chocolate Covered Cherries 1 oz. Cologne Spray, $20.00.

4. Carol’s Daughter Chocolat 3-Piece Starter Kit

For those of us who use heating tools on our hair, looking to banish frizz, and also have a love for chocolate (isn’t that just about everyone?), this kit is a home run. Using cocoa extracts, the collection smooths all frizziness and protects the hair follicle from heat damage. Not to mention it smells like heaven! Pick up your kit today so you can shampoo, condition, and blow dry your way to silky softness all through the magic of chocolate.



Tag: Carol’s Daughter Chocolat Smoothing 3-piece Starter Kit, $24.00.

5. White, Milk, and Dark Chocolate Nail Colors

How about celebrating the day with a mani inspired by your fave chocolate? Personally I’m a fan of dark chocolate, and it’s a perfect color for Fall, which is right around the corner! Which color is your fav?


For the white chocolate cravers: China Glaze Nail Polish, White Out, $6.00.



For the milk chocolate mavens: Essie Nail Polish, Very Structured, $8.00.



For the dark chocolate devotees: OPI Nail Lacquer in Get in The Expresso Lane, $7.99.


Now that your mouth is watering and you are in a chocolate craving tizzy, it’s time to go out an celebrate my personal new favorite holiday! Which products do you love the most? Any you are excited to try out or want to let us know about?

Comment and share your faves!

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