It’s getting to that point where people stop saying Happy New Year, but we’re not quite there so let me say it once more, Happy New Year! You may notice things look a little different around here. Sometimes I get the itch for change and nothing can stop me. When I was a kid I’d rearrange the furniture in my bedroom and pretty much every other room in the house. My parents would come home or wake up and be like, ” when did you do this?” I do this at my place now, remix my wardrobe and how I do my makeup, and so the blog sometimes also needs an impromptu upgrade. It wasn’t really impromptu. It was planned but happened sooner than scheduled.

Speaking of sooner than planned, the creation of this blog happened in a similar fashion. recently asked me about how the blog came about, my tips to aspiring bloggers, what’s in my bag and more. It was a lot of fun answering the interviewer’s questions as SA is the blog of Melissa Funtanilla, who recently celebrated her first year blogging at Trend Hungry!

I did the interview a little while ago so it was cool to go back and read it. It’s reminded me of two things that have been important in my journey and I’d like to be mindful of this year.

1. Start things. Nothing happens without action. I had no idea how much starting Trend Hungry would impact me and it’s virtually helped me create my own path. From the styling work, TV & radio segments, working with brands and being quoted in publications, it’s all stemmed from making the choice and taking action.

2. Be grateful. When you are, you act and operate from a good place. It’s when you focus on negatives that you operate from a place of fear. Looking back always motivates me to keep going and I hope it inspires you to dream, write those dreams down, turn them into goals, and who knows, maybe achieve them before you even planned.


Jessie-Holeva-Interview Here’s an excerpt. For the full post head to

Can you give any tips for aspiring bloggers?

As Nike says, Just Do It. And don’t get discouraged.

Every step is a step forward and anything worth doing takes work and time. Also, always be a student and look to others that inspire you for guidance and support. You can learn a ton from asking someone you look up to for a coffee date.

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Jessie, thank you times 1 million for sharing your tips with SkinnyAffair! The interview was super fun to do & really inspirational. <3

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