{ Wellness Roundup } Dry-Brush Benefits, Green Beauty, DIY Breakfast Bowls

Even though I’m not in school anymore, this time of year always reminds me of back to school season. With that comes new responsibilities and challenges…which can be super stressful. Incorporating a few wellness-y things can help relieve that. It’s also fall, so the temps are dropping, making it a perfect time to change up your … Continue Reading

{ Five Things Wellness } Refreshing Face Mists + Glowing Skin

Having clear and radiant skin is really important to me. It might just be my number one beauty priority. I have pretty sensitive skin and get more than the average occasional breakout. Not fun. When my skin behaves, I feel more confident (hey — look good, feel good!). My obsession: finding good products to achieve … Continue Reading

{ Protect Yourself } Beauty Buys To Block The Sun

Summer’s not over yet, and even if it was, I can’t think of a reason why not to wear sunscreen. I’m crazy for sunscreen and a firm believer of wearing it every single day, rain or shine.

{ Five Things Wellness } Iced Tea Cocktails To Cool You Down

Okay, I know I can’t complain much, but this July heat is absolutely unbearable. I’ve been really excited for these warmer months and now that they’re here, it’s getting a little too much. Sometimes I don’t even feel like getting out of the house. This heat is making me feel lazy, unproductive…and kind of sticky (yuck). Do … Continue Reading

{ Five Things Wellness } Aromatherapy Benefits

Happy summer! It feels like I’ve been waiting forever for sunshine. I love everything about summer — the fresh seasonal fruits, laid-back fashions, and the warm weather of course. Now that bikini season is in full swing, I’ve been trying to eat healthier and even kicked my workouts up a notch. I know, I know. … Continue Reading

{ Five Things Wellness } The Suja Juice Solution

There are a bunch of amazing new products and upcoming events lately (especially in the wellness world). I’ve been eyeing a few wellness trends and they seem to also fall under style and beauty (aka everything I love).  Indulge in something fit, fashionable and fun — here are five new things to try this month.

{ Earth Month } Eco-Friendly Beauty Brands

Going green isn’t as hard as it seems. By being conscious of what you shop for, you might be able to reduce your carbon footprint. As Earth Month comes to an end, what better way to love your planet by bringing a few eco-friendly brands into your life? So, get pretty and go green with these five eco-chic beauty … Continue Reading

{ Five Things Wellness } The Cutest Bowls For Healthy Snacking

Can we all agree that April is a little strange? There are random days where it just rains (or snows!) and out of nowhere there are a bunch of absolutely gorgeous sunny days. That’s why this month, I’m all about skipping routines and mixing it up with indoor and outdoor workouts. Don’t forget, April is … Continue Reading

{ New Blog Column! } Five Things Wellness

A happy life clearly isn’t all about clothes, bags, and beauty products (though they help). It’s about treating yourself well. That includes what you eat, drink, think, and do to take care of yourself. Trend Hungry contributor Melissa Quin is our go-to gal for all things wellness. She’s always trying out new healthy lifestyle trends and … Continue Reading

Luxe Activewear For Less

Yikes! Frigid temps have definitely arrived! We all know how hard it is to get up and moving when it’s chilly out. If you’ve just committed yourself to a New Year’s resolution surrounding health, wellness, and fitness, the weather may be holding you back. One thing that helps me is finding a good workout outfit…because who wouldn’t … Continue Reading