By Kelsey

Move aside men, women have you beat again. This time we’re looking better in your clothes. Suits, blazer, loafers and ties, there is nothing we can’t look good in. Menswear-inspired pieces, cut to look just right on women are ruling the runways. Celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Halle Barry, Alexa Chung, and Diane Kruger are rocking the red carpet in menswear. This trend gives a feminine touch to traditionally-masculine pieces, giving an alternative way to look sophisticated.



1. Steve Madden Loafers $60 $36  @ / 2. Steven Alan Skinny Tie $49 $34  @ / 3. Christopher Straub 3/4 Sleeve Blazer$49 @ / 4.  Charm Lapel Blazer   $29.99 @ / 5. Yellow Loafers $39 $31 @

The traditional suit, should look professional but tailored enough to show your curves. Sharp tailored pieces are cute. Over sized, sloppy pieces make you look just that. Blazers can be professional and fun. The colors for blazers are endless. You can choose a traditional color or try a fun neon look. Loafers are not just disgusting shoes you feel bad for anymore wearing. Top shoe designers like Steve Madden are giving these previously unfortunate-looking shoes a total makeover. From prints to studs, we can even master men’s footwear.

Don’t forget about the ultimate men’s piece, the tie. For women, the ties tend to be slimmer than men’s ties to be more flattering to the female body. There are a spectrum of colors and prints to choose from. Remember that men’s pieces are fun but don’t make the mistake of going overboard. Leave your cufflinks, suspenders, and boxer-briefs at home.

Will you join the feminine takeover on these masculine pieces or leave it to the men? Comment below and tweet us @trendhungryblog!



You rock. This is an awesome post! Love how you show us how to make menswear feminine!

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