I freakin’ LOVE Kate Middleton – not because she’s new royalty or nice, or sweet, but because she re-wears her wardrobe. Lots of her clothes may be designer (notably Sara Burton creations under the Alexander McQueen label), but she reworks her pieces and often it’s the next day!!

This makes me feel pretty pumped since I wore the same nude peep-toes three times in a row for tv appearances. At the time I was like “I hope they don’t notice,” but I was also like “these under thirty-dollar shoes go awesome with every outfit!”

Kate Middleton has officially made being an outfit repeater trendy and I am utterly grateful! I used to worry about having lots of Facebook pics in the same outfit (I know, I clearly have no life), but Kate goes to huge events in the same thing.  Look at her repeating her nude Louboutin’s.


Okay, let’s get on task. The Duchess of Cambridge has been repeating nude heels ( like me!!!) and ShoeDazzle has created a pair just like Kate’s.

Tag: Pavan, $39.95 at ShoeDazzle.

Do you love them? Do you NEED them? Do you re-wear your outfits too? Leave comments and click the links below to see repeat outfits.

Coco Perez (Perezhilton.com) /Style Bistro / Socialite Life / Huffington Post







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