Boots are the winter shoe for style and practicality. Sure, some are more practical than others, but there’s no way I’m leaving home in a snow storm in any other type of shoe. Of the boots, the tall, over-the-knee boot may be one of the more intimidating styles, but fear not, you can pull it off so buy the boots. Did I mention all listed are under $50, because they are.


Celebs seen in over-the-knee boots include Beyonce, Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, and many, many more.

Oh, and Miley Cyrus. She’s worn performing, on interviews, and as a part of her street style too. Don’t ya wish it was warm enough to wear with a denim ensemble like hers?

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I would love to find Stuart Weitzman highland boots for a reasonable price!

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