2013 was full of fabulous and not so fabulous fashion trends. It’s the beginning of a new year and I’m crossing my fingers that these five trends will die out this year. Do you agree? Do tell in the comments below!

5. Overalls

How did overalls become 2013’s latest trend? Overalls remind me of playgrounds and farming. This denim piece should have stayed in the ‘90s and only come in children sizes.

overalls {image via


4. Birkenstocks

Last summer, I took a day trip to New York. The ugly shoe I saw on everyone’s’ feet – Birkenstocks. Yes, they’re comfy…but there are comfier and cuter shoes out there.


{image via}



3. Wedge sneakers

As socialite Olivia Palermo says, “If you’re going to do a sneaker, just wear like a regular sneaker. I get that it gives you a little bit of height, but we have great heels to wear!”

1217_ExpLife_OSL_WedgeSneaker_03 {image via}

2. Graphic leggings

All types of colorful printed leggings made an appearance in 2013. From animal print to tribal print, these leggings are unflattering and too flashy.

graphic leggings {image via

1. Crop tops

Crop tops are another throwback trend that should have stayed in ‘90s music videos. Boho inspired crop tops are cute, but super tight ones are not, while super short simply shows too much skin.

miley-cyrus-channing-crop-top {image via}

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I will never give up crop tops. Just bought a new one from F21 today! 😉

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