Kristen Stewart cheating on Rob Pattinson isn’t her only crime. She breaks a lot of fashion laws. And just when we thought she was getting it together, she’s still making major mistakes. Rob deserves a girl that cares to keep her lips to one lover and her look a bit less homeless.


Image Via NewNowNext

1. Her signature sneakers. I love converses, but we’ve seen you wear them far too often in the wrong setting. They say dress for the job you want. She clearly wants to work in a skate shop.

2. Makeup. Do you have a makeup artist? There are tons of online tutorials to help you. This pic above  looks pretty decent, but that’s a fluke.

3. The hair. I get the whole “elegantly disheveled,” but a hair brush goes a long way. And can someone please explain the lone braid? Random and fugly.

Sorry Kristen. Today you are just an epic fashion fail. Now it’s time for you to weigh in. What do you think of her cheating and her weird braid. Comment below!



lol, this is too funny and true
Xo Megan


She’s always so surly… You can tell she can’t be that happy with Rob, the pics of her with that director guy she’s beaming in! A picture always tells a thousand words… Her hair always looks greasy to me…

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