Have you ever taken a look at a mannequin’s hands? Their nails are the perfect flesh tone, femininely shaped (slightly rounded), and go with any outfit the store chooses to dress them in. That is one versatile manicure. Plus, it elongates your nail bed and makes those fingers look long and lean, oh la la.

I’m trying out this neutral and natural look and am loving it. Chips are less noticeable and any nail polish slip up isn’t a problem, as it blends in with my skin. See for yourself by checking out my Instagram (aka my manicure diary).

1. Milani in Natural Touch 21A, $3.49 @ Drugstore.com / 2. Wet n Wild Megalast in Private Viewing 204B, $1.99 @ Drugstore.com /3. Sally Hansen in Mudslide, $6.99 @Drugstore.com / 4. Natural Shimmer Nail Polish @ Forever 21 / 5. Deborah Lippman in Naked, $16.00 @ Dermstore.com / 6. Sephora by OPI in Nonfat Soy Half Caff , $9.50 @ Sephora.

Have a good skin tone shade I should know about? Like this look or is it too plain for your digits? Comment below!



I just got back into doing my nails, and this is definitely going to be my next manicure. I was cursed with short fingers so I hope this helps!

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