Okay, we are in the home stretch here for Halloween costumes. Are you too a last-minute lady who just hasn’t bothered to commit to a costume idea yet? You’re not alone and this roundup was made for you. Here’s a slew of cheap and easy, yet cool and creative, Halloween costumes you can create using stuff you already own.

1. Under the Weather


Be lazy and just don’t get dressed. Best. Costume. Ever. Thanks Refinery 29 for this genius idea. It looks a lot like what I wear while penning these posts.

2. Creepy Doll


Scary, yes! And so easy to create. Thanks Penny Chic for this creepy costume inspiration.


3. Strawberry



This year Studio DIY created a new fruity costume (last year she was a pineapple). If you own a red dress then all that’s left is a little DIYing to an instantly-cute costume.

4. Rosie the Riviter


Jessica of What I Wore shows that all you need to get this look is a chambray top, jeans, bandana, and attitude.

5. Fortune Teller


Pile on the jewelry and add a turban (here’s a video tip of how to tie your scarf  into a turban). The only thing you  may need to buy is a crystal ball. More on this costume at Hello Natural.

Looking for more Halloween inspiration? Click here for more cheap & easy Halloween costume ideas.

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