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Who likes presents? That’s rhetorical, we all do! What’s even better? Getting gifts that you get to pick out. Little Black Bag does just that. It’s a retail site that specializes in accessories and has great bags, all for only $50. Here’s how it works. You pick an item to buy ( I picked a little black bag, couldn’t help myself!), then they throw in extra goodies for free. This is where it gets good. The next step is trading! That’s right, you get to swap items. Other shoppers will offer you trades for your items. I waited a few days before getting my purchase shipped so I could see what was up for grabs and scored Betsey Johnson earrings through trading!


Then, it arrived! I opened it, as you can see in the quick video above, modeled my new lovelies around my apartment, Instagrammed it to make my friends jealous, and now, here I am blogging about it and sharing an exclusive deal  for you, my trend-hungry fashionistas! So here’s the great deal, you an additional item worth up to $25 off with this code 25FREEITEMtrendhun. By the way, lots of the bags should be over $50 (mine normally retailed for $78.00!!), so you’re already walking away with way more than you paid for! This is literally the best way to treat yourself!

Okay, now that I’m done bragging, it’s your turn. Treat yourself to the exclusive deal (expires 9/9) and share your haul with me by tweeting me @trendhungryblog. Also, comment below and share with me what you think of all my new stuff!



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