Okay, it’s official. Spring is in the building, I mean outside, though it so does not feel that way today. That’s the thing about spring — it likes to throw ya for a loop and switch up the temps … and often.

Ready to infuse spring into your style? I did say it’s official, so now is the time. I recently visited the LOGO by Lori Goldstein styling studio to check out what’s coming up, test out some new favorite fashions, and get some spring styling inspiration.

Jessie Holeva QVC blog

I fell in love fast with this cool take on loungewear. I mean, it’s ombrè! It was basically calling my name… as were lots of other beautiful pieces. So we ventured outside to shoot some more pics. Then I blogged it up with spring styling tips. And now you can check it out over on the QVC blog.

printed LOGO by Lori Goldstein top

I’ll be sharing my style perspective every month or so on the QVC blog so be sure to look for more posts by me, usually at the top of the month. Style tips + products details await on the QVC blog.

{ Click to see the full post: Jessie’s LOGO Picks + 4 Spring Style Tips }

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