Notice something different? is rocking a new look. It was time for a change. This site has sported an array of layouts and designs, but ya know what, sometimes less is more. So, last night I took it upon myself to learn a little about blog design and can I tell you that I am so happy I did because it was so freakin’ easy  to install this theme and I feel empowered. I also saved money (said with a smile).

I’m impulsive and decided this on a whim then executed immediately. Ya know what gets me engaged on a blog? Images, headlines, scrolling, and being able to actually see the content. Making the change was impulsive, but the concept of going back to a cleaner design had been on my mind for ages. So it’s done. Do you like it???


Anyway, let’s take the spotlight off the sleek new look of the site and onto some links you’ll be glad ya clicked.

1. 16 Secrets for Shopping at Target. This will change your life. {Buzzfeed}

2. Penny Chic put up a book trailer.  Watch and get excited for her book debut this fall. {Penny Chic}

3. Dark hair going bleach blonde seems to be trending. {Fashionista}

4. Who wants it? Win Trask sandals and bag. {Indie.Electronic.Alternative.}

5. How to mix and match bathing suits. {Shoppist}

{image via}




Congrats on learning some WordPress tricks yourself! It truly is empowering 🙂


It really is! Thanks for your support! 🙂


thanks jessie! xoxo!

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