Happy Friday! Instead of a video blog (our usual Friday post), I thought we could use some positive energy and inspiration.

I’ve been on a Fung Shui / positive-thinking kick and it’s been going rather well. If you’ve seen or read The Secret, then you know that by staying positive you attract more good things into your life. This can be used in any realm of your life – love, work, friends, whatever.

So, let’s take this time to remind ourselves just how much we love ourselves. We’re alive and the world really in our oyster.  End the week on a high note and get energized for a fabulous weekend ahead!  More pins are after the jump!


Remember this is your life,  so live it the way you want to. For more quotes check out our quote board on Pinterest.

Happy Friday! XO!




Thanks for the extra kick of Inspiration on a Monday! Have a wonderful week!

<3Jo of thelittledandy.com


Happy to help!! 🙂 – Jessie

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