red carpet

Here we go again! It’s Award Season! Let’s get our butts in gear and get red-carpet ready! I personally know my yoga pants are a bit snug right now, and my jeans, well even snugger. But, I’m not an exercise expert, so let’s focus on at-home primping and pampering. Let’s go!

1. Red-Carpet Ready Nails. This is something you so do not need to drop major money on. And guess what? The French Manicure is back in style and we’ve got directions to ensure your at-home manicure magnificence. If that’s too tricky, opt for just a light shade sans the white strip or try nail strips that literally stick the polish on like a sticker. Even Essie makes them now too!

2. New Hair, Don’t Care. Updo’s are kind of a pain for us normal people. Here are four celebrity styles you really can do yourself.

3. Add The Faux Glow. Tanning is bad for you. I’ve said it a million times and the rest of the media has said it a billion. Just DIY a tan at home. Trust me. It really is easy. I am the laziest person when it comes to DIYs and this is practically idiot proof. Here are my directions for the perfect glow. And don’t just douse your face with bronzer. Instead, contour by applying bronzer near your hair line and along your jaw line. Here’s a video showing you how.

4. Clean Up Your Complexion. Feel lux for less with a simple face mask. My favorite? Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque. It’s been around forever and feels so wonderful.

Tip: Add a minty face mask to feet and wrap with wet, hot towels then cover with plastic wrap. That what the spa does, but for some cash money, honey.

5. Add The Movie Star Shine. Celebs literally glow of the red carpet. Their skin looks dewy and lovely… and that’s thanks to highlighter. This makeup reflects light the right way, but you probably have something in your makeup bag that will do the trick, such as a light shimmer shadow. That’s what I use, and here’s how I apply it.

So what do you do to keep yourself looking extra fabulous and camera ready? Comment below!



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