Don’t just plaster bronzer all over your face and think it will make you look sun kissed. It won’t. To be a glowing goddess you gotta use a little strategy.
I learned this tip sitting in the makeup chair for a TV show. It was a tough to learn that I’ve been doing my makeup wrong. But, since learning this shading skill I’ve been snagging more compliments – for realz! Apply bronzer towards hair line, and use to shade your cheekbones and nose.

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Besos and Happy Friday!





I’m super intimidated by bronzer…I always aim to look “sunkissed” instead of “Snooki” but I admittedly fail sometimes. Thanks for the lesson!

The Glossy Life


Happy to help! I know it’s hard to tell w/ the video lighting, but applying on the right spots makes your cheek bones pop and makes your face look skinnier too 🙂

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